Greenery Inside Out

For several years now, I’ve been enjoying the peaceful feeling of being surrounded by greenery. I think my interest in plants has already started since I was young. Being born and raised in a tropical country, surrounding oneself with greenery is basically a way of life. Watching my mother tending to her front- and backyard was a normality to me. Not only that, our family house was also fully loaded with indoor plants, even until now.

When I moved to the colder climate area in The Netherlands, plants were one of the first things I long to have back in my life. It was, of course, challenging to grow plants under the cold and dry climate, especially as a young university student who had never grew anything myself before. My first indoor plants were bonsai and cactus. They didn’t survive me. Only after years of reading people’s experiences of growing and taking care of their greenery, filling boards after boards of Pinterest with gardening tips and tricks, and a lot of indoor gardening trial and errors on my part; I can finally say that I’m a decent plant carer now. I no longer kill every plants that I’d bought and/or adopted, our edible plants grow fruits, and new leaves are sprouting healthily during the summer. I’m a proud plant woman!

Rubber plant in my kitchen (first painting), Summer in a bouquet (second painting), Indoor plant (third painting), Indoor fig tree (fourth painting).

My greenery dreams don’t stop there. I think my passion for foods is one of the most significant influencer in my gardening life. Every season we are gifted with different kinds of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Not to mention the abundance of aromatic herbs and spices. In the close future I would love to go to Sorrento (Italy) to paint (and taste) their beautiful citrus fruits. For now, their vibrant colours are my favourite source of inspirations for my paintings.

Citrus tree (left) and Tangerine (right).

All paintings in this series are made by acrylic paints on paper media.


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